Vertical Market List

While our accounting and business services team can assist across a wide variety of vertical markets in which Apollonian has specialty expertise. Through our years of experience, we have developed intimate, technical knowledge in these areas, helping our clients achieve desired outcomes with efficiency.

Construction and Trades

(Electrical, Low Voltage, HVAC/Refrigeration, Plumbing, Water Restoration with Mold Remediation/Asbestos Abatement, Landscaping/Hardscaping, General Construction, Interior Design, Painting, Furniture/Cabinetry, and Various Other Trades)

Many of our longest-term clients are or were in this field. We can advise businesses in the construction and trades vertical from general contractor construction to sublet construction trades.

Regardless of your type of construction business, we have the expertise to develop a strategic financial accounting approach. Some of the areas where we offer oversight include a cost accounting system, usage of financial tools and reports to aid in estimating, overall budget, forecasting and projections, pricing evaluation, inventory control and management, direct cost bidding, project management, prevailing wage and long-term growth strategies besides other specialty business services required for this industry.

Real Estate

(Development/Investment/Property Management/Buy & Sell Flipping/Mortgage/Escrow/Processing/Funding)

The real estate industry, especially in Southern California, is an active market. We have long-standing clients in this vertical, spanning from developers to flippers.

We are familiar with nearly every type of property, from multi-level unit developments to single-family homes. We have provided accounting and business consultation to both investors and those building homes or buildings from the ground up.

When owning a real estate brokerage, mortgage, escrow, property management, or other real estate related company, a lot of financial accounting is needed. We work with both real estate agents and brokers to help simplify the process. We have implemented the appropriate accounting systems and processes for real estate transactions to deliver accurate financials. This is critical as many of our clients rely on timely and efficient financial statements on demand, especially when complying with the Department of Real Estate and if your company is subject to a certified financial audit or formal financial statement review by an audit accounting firm.

Entertainment Industry

Southern California is the mecca for the entertainment industry, and Orange County is in Hollywood’s backyard. We have experience working with some top-named entertainers and their management teams in a professional and discreet manner.

Since many of our entertainment clients work all over the United States and internationally, we have developed processes to accommodate those multi-state entertainers by validating their financial accounting needs to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Just as businesses possess unique needs, entertainers require sophisticated accounting and tax programs to match. We can work directly with you or your wealth management partners to provide financial accounting resources for your current and future assets, banking, and loan needs.

Most importantly, our accounting process offers optimal transparency, so we are always working with updated financial statements detailing deposits and expenses. Regardless of the size of the estate, we have exceeded expectations for many clients within the entertainment industry, including management, entertainers and performers with high net wealth.

Food/Restaurants/Beverage Industry

Another thriving industry, especially in Southern California, is food and beverage, and we have worked with a plethora of food manufacturers, distributors, restaurants, bars, and wineries.

Some of the areas we manage for these clients include negotiations on equipment, insurance requirements, transportation and fleet vehicles for delivery, packaging materials, storage, and of course, employee needs.

We can deliver various accounting, tax, and consulting services for your emerging or established food and beverage business.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

We have a passion to help those that are helping others. We work with not-for-profit and charitable organizations, bringing a wealth of knowledge to meet their day to day accounting and business needs.

Some of our work includes preparations with the external CPA auditors for annual financial audits. Not-for-profits typically need invoicing and billing assistance, and we help acknowledge restricted and non-restricted funds received from grants, foundations, contracts, government, and private resources.

When it comes to not-for-profit accounting, it is also critical to allocate the appropriate costs for programs, fundraising, and general administration and provide our clients with spend-down reports, cash flow statements, and any other custom reports needed to make management decisions for their organizations.

Like many of our other verticals, not-for-profit organizations require a different compliance requirement of accounting than “for-profit” organizations, so accuracy, timeliness, and transparency in their budgets, proformas, and financial statements are important. All of these documents need to be easily-digestible, with disclosed footnotes, so that the board of directors can understand how the organization is performing from month to month.

Other Vertical Markets Served:

  • Manufacturing and Machine Shops
  • Medical and Dental Offices
  • Law Offices and IOLTA Accounting
  • Probate and Trustee Accounting
  • Automotive Repair, Dealerships, and Body Shops
  • Retail and E-Commerce Businesses
  • Transportation and Trucking Companies
  • Veterinary and Pet Services
  • Marketing, Screen Printing, Embroidery, and Promotional ASI
  • International accounting, tax, planning and consulting
  • Not for profit accounting and tax plus consulting
  • Political Action Committee Accounting and Tax Services
  • Fiduciary (Conservator, Receivership, Estate, and other Fiduciary areas) and Probate accounting and tax services

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