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Individual Tax Returns

Chances are, you have built intricate income streams and have configured unique and specialized tax deductions over the years. With these circumstances, it’s critical that you work with an accounting firm of skilled professionals who are constantly monitoring the ever-changing tax laws.

Our tax preparers want to accomplish three things with your returns, complete them with integrity and accuracy, maximize your return to bring more money back into your bank account, and reduce the possibility of an IRS audit. One of the resources that sets Apollonian Accounting and Business Services apart from other accounting firms is direct experience working for the IRS.

Some of the individual tax areas we specialize in:

  • Before and after year-end Strategic Tax
  • Planning to minimize your taxes
  • Home ownership, sale, and purchasing
  • Capital gains analysis and planning
  • Home ownership analysis and planning
  • AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax) analysis & planning including planning for ISOs (Incentive Stock Options)
  • Tax implications and planning for investing in real estate, including buying a multifamily or vacation home
  • Estates, Trusts, and Gifts

Business Tax Returns

As a business owner, every dollar counts. This is essential during tax time. Apollonian Accounting and Business Services offers a comprehensive suite of tax services for businesses. Our team of experienced tax professionals can help prepare your taxes, strategize new financial efficiencies in your reporting, reduce your tax liability, or work directly with the IRS to alleviate any irregularities or concerns about your returns. We have years of IRS and state tax expertise, and our staff includes a former IRS auditor.

Some of our business tax services include:

  • Corporate Year-end Tax Planning Services
  • Business Tax Controversy Services
  • International Tax Compliance Services
  • Corporate Tax Account Services
  • U.S Tax Reform Services
  • Partnership
  • S-Corp
  • C-Corp
  • Not-For-Profit
  • City, State, and Federal Requirements Satisfied

Sales Tax Return Preparation

Does your business collect sales tax? Because the rates vary from region to region, it is critical that your calculations for sales tax are accurate. Mistakes can be costly, and our team can help prepare accurate sales tax returns to keep your business balanced.

Our monthly sales tax preparation, filing, and payment services help keep your business compliant. If your business is operating across state lines, we can help prepare and review multi-state sales tax returns in a timely manner.

Additional Tax Services:

  • Payroll Tax Preparation and Clean Up
  • Prior Year Tax Return Clean Up and Preparation
  • 1099 Processing and Filings
  • County Tax Assessor Personal Property Tax Filings
  • Gross Sales Tax Returns as per City or Municipal
  • Out of State Tax Return Preparation
  • Other Government Tax Filing Requirement Forms

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