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You built your company from an idea, and you’ve likely experienced both challenges and successes along the way.

Establishing a business and scaling it into a thriving enterprise, whether US Domestic or Foreign, combines many elements - including sound bookkeeping, accounting, tax, strategic planning, and business consulting needs. We are not a CPA firm and do not perform attestation services such as: Audits, Reviews, or any other services for which a license is required by the state. But to clarify, though the services we have to offer do not require a state license they can be performed by our professional staff that is made up of CPA’s, Enrolled Agents, and college degreed accounting professionals who have years of experience.

We are a reliable and honest business accounting partner with the highest degree of integrity and values who will help counsel you on all of the accounting and business consulting aspects of your business. It starts with the relationship. We work closely with you, developing a deep-connection to deliver the optimal service to meet your immediate and long term needs. We take pride in providing your business with the accounting tools, resources, and support you need to make intelligent decisions to continually develop your company and continue to meet your overall goals.

We believe in innovators, and we have experienced the magic of seeing an entrepreneur's dreams realized.

We help from the very beginning to file the initial paperwork for a budding business that was born out of an idea and an investment. We’ve given business consulting and accounting guidance and utilized our knowledge, experience, and SaaS tools to help scale them into established successful companies. And we’d like to do that for you.

Whether it’s balancing the books, filing detailed business documents at the start of your incorporation, or navigating and helping protect your assets during a merger and acquisition or the sale of a business from our consulting and accounting services, Apollonian Accounting and Business Services delivers high-quality service with integrity and responsiveness, and we have the knowledge and resources to facilitate the most complex accounting and business needs.

About Us - Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide peace of mind to our clients by guiding business owners and entrepreneurs to make informed decisions about their companies due to sound and quality accounting and business consulting service. To establish long-term client relationships that extend beyond each individual transaction or accounting process to deliver clear guidance, using our vast knowledge and proven digital tools to achieve optimal outcomes for better business decisions and growth opportunities.

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